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3 Ice Style Rules


Rules for the 3 ICE tournament will follow the standard USA hockey rules with the following modifications:

  • Teams are allowed to have only 4 people on the ice at a time (3 skaters and a goalie or 4 skaters and an empty net)

  • Each game consists of one 15-minute periods with a running clock.

  • Penalties do not result in a time in the box.  Instead, the team that would be on the power play may choose any player (including the goalie) to take a penalty shot.  The caveat is the rest of the players on the ice will be at the opposite goal line, as soon as the shooter touches the puck, they may chase down the shooter and the penalty shot is played as if it were a breakaway.

  • Intentional icing and intentional offsides is a penalty and results in a penalty shot. 

  • Goalies can play the puck anywhere on the ice. (Yes, that means you can have a goalie’s past center trying to score)

  • Face offs will only happen at the beginning of a period.  Any time the puck comes off the netting above the glass, ceiling or any other object which would traditionally result in a stoppage of play, play will continue as long as the puck renters the playing area.  If the puck does not reenter the playing area it will result in a turnover and other team will be awarded possession.

  • Teams with the puck cannot enter the offensive zone then bring the puck back over center ice without interference from the other team.  Doing so results in a turnover and the puck possession will be awarded to the other team.

  • On a turnover or change of possession play is paused and the team award possession will be given the puck around their net in the defensive zone.  All players on the opposing team must be out of the offensive zone and cannot pressure until the breakout begins.  E.g., no hovering over or hacking at skaters/goalies after they make a clear save or start with possession.

    1. On goalie saves that would result in a freeze of the puck and face off, play is paused, the opposing team must leave the zone and the goalie resets play.

  • During pool play teams will be award 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.  During elimination games, ties at the end of regulation will be decided by a one-round shootout until a winner is determined.  In the event of a point tie in pool play the tie break will be the following:

    1. Largest total score differential

    2. Goals for

    3. Goals against

    4. Fewest penalties taken

    5. A coin toss

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